July 13, 2012

Swank 3.0.0 has been released! Please report bugs and other unexpected behaviors at the Swank project site's Bug tracking system.

Recent changes:

Add support for mouse wheel bindings

    Add -width configuration
    Fix problem in setting to, from, value and increment

    Allow specifiying filename and image type from file extension
       when saving swank canvas.
    Fix setting binding in canvas.  Was adding, rather than 
    Ensure that text parameter items on canvas have a default 
       font set.
    Allow image item on canvas to have 2 or 4 coordinates.  
      If 4, then image is automatically scaled to fit into 
      allotted space.
    Fix lower command for shapes
    ItemConnector didn't have startcon and endcom parameters
    Change the way Canvas preferred scrollsize is calculated
    Add Locked state to canvas items

    Fix error when closing without selecting

    Add ability to preset username and add message to 
      password dialog.  

    Add option to invert xy chart axis direction, 
    Add ability to set symbol drawn on xy plots
    Fix problem when plotting a single data point.
    Add stat plot that doesn't have bars, just symbol and 
      error line.

    Update to using 2.3.0

    Fix problem with traces activating twice if trace set on 
       check/radiobutton var
    Fix size calculation of check and radiobuttons when using 
       icon and no indicator
    Setting vars from checkbutton listener had problem with menu 
       item checkbuttons (bad cast)
    Fix threading problem with Radiobutton variables and values

    Add support for getting window title "wm title winName"
        (could only set it)
    Could set, but not get, alwaysontop with "wm" command


    Change code back so specifying an empty string for a font
       gives you a default (SansSerif)

    Add tag ranges to text widget did not support more than 
      one range pair.
    Ignore bad location exceptions in text remove
    Only index paragraphs of text widget if text has been
       inserted or deleted.  Speeds up some operations a lot.
    More fixes to search subcommand of text widget.  Passes most,
       but not all tests now.
    Ignore trailing newlines in regexp mode text search
    Case insensitive search in text widget didn't work with
       exact matches.
    Fix get subcommand of text widget to allow more than two indices.
    Fix errors in delete subcommand of text widget
    Text searching was't wrapping properly when only one index
        specified for search
    Searching backwards in a text widget did not find pattern 
       if in first line of text.

    Change button code to allow placing text under icon

Add simple Tcl editor
    Allow typing "edit" with no arguments to start up blank editor.
    Use new editor for swkcon "edit" command.

    Add ListCell Renderer to allow setting colors of
        foreground/background in lists by row

    Add write, height and width subcommands.

    Add flavors subcommand to clipboard command, and allow
       getting RTF, HTML and Image types from clipboard
    When clipboard get -type HTML is specified get html
      if it is on the clipboard, in preference to converting
       rtf to html.

    More work getting shape3d attributes to work properly
    Begin adding code for appearance modification, and fixes
      for picking.
    Updates for picking in the 3D canvas
    Start adding all text parameters for text shape in 3D
       and work on picking interface
    Add Font parameter for SwkTest2D in 3D canvas

    Add code for setting orientation of split panes.

    Fix bug in setting -page for html pane

    GetValueOnEventThread had fundamental problem in use of
       SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait (possible to return
        before invoked task completes)
    Update some demos, fixing code shown Code button, and
       displaying arrow heads in arrow demo.
    Add back various options scrollbarpolicy etc.
    Add back class option
    Winfo screen height was returning width
    Fix problems with destroy command calling Interp from
       event thread.
    Focus listener had class cast problem
    jcombobox and spinbox didn't have -state parameter
    Fix Cut/Paste and change menubar to be packed so it works
       better on Mac
    Various Null Pointer Exceptions and other bugs eliminated
    Add new swkcon shell scripts to startup with swkcon (wisk
       takes a flag to do this, but that won't work if you want
        to start by double-clicking)

The Swank Team