Getting started with Swank

  • Install Java 1.5 or higher. If you don't already have Java installed, download and install the appropriate Java package (Linux, Solaris, Windows) from Apple Macintosh OSX 10.6 and below have Java 1.5 installed. Many Linux distributions have a Java package that can be installed via the local package manager. Install either the Java JRE or JDK package.
  • Download the Swank distribution ZIP file, and unzip into a directory of your choice.


    download swank-(version).zip using your web browser

    unzip swank-(version).zip
    cd swank-(version)

    Optional for Linux/Unix systems: make a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin (or any other directory on your PATH of your choice):

    sudo ln -s `pwd`/wisk /usr/local/bin
  • Start the Wisk interpreter:

    wisk filename arg arg ...
  • Start up and show demos :

    wisk -demo
  • Start with console enabled :

    wisk -swkcon